Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Icon / Asklepion I

"Votive relief of Archinos (370 BC) from Tyrea, Argolis (Oropos / Amphiaraus), 0.49 m x 0.55 m. The healing god Asklepios appears to the dreamer to cure him. National Archaeological Museum, Athens, No. 3369. The same person is shown 3 times. First Asklepios personally checks his hand. As a patient on a bed (kline) he is bitten by a snake. Raising his hand he thanks Asklepios for the cure." See more ancient Greek medical stamps here.

The seed event for The Poetics of Healing was an event called "The New Asklepion," featuring psychologist Eric Greenleaf and poet/builder Robert Kocik on the poetics of dreams/trance and healing. Visit the Poetry Center's website for more images from past programs.

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